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Accepting Worldwide Submissions for Original Characters With the Theme of “Japan”!


GEMSTONE is an audition project created by Toho Co., Ltd. and AlphaBoat in order to discover talented creators through video submissions.
This project aims to discover raw talent in animation, illustration, songwriting, music, acting, and other fields so that Toho and AlphaBoat can give artists an even bigger platform.

For the first audition, more than 1,000 creators from around Japan submitted videos and illustrations following the theme of “Godzilla.” The 11 winners have already begun developing projects with Toho producers.
The key visual (above) for this, the second audition, was drawn by YELLOW JUNKIE/kyo→ko, one of the winners of the first audition.

GEMSTONE, along with Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc., a company that spreads proud Japanese otaku subculture to the world, is accepting worldwide submissions of original characters with the theme of “With Japan!” for this second audition.

Japan has become renowned for its wide range of pop culture, which includes otaku culture like anime and manga, but also concepts like “kawaii.” We are accepting applications from creators around the world for an original character that can spread Japan’s charms, such as tradition, technology, edginess, or kitsch, to the world.

The way to apply is to submit a 3-minute-long explanation video. The content of the video, such as a presentation or short animation, is up to you, as long as it’s a video you made to explain the character’s charms and point of view.
All submissions that pass the first round will be uploaded to GEMSTONE’s official YouTube channel. The creators chosen as finalists will be given the right to appear in the official ceremony of New York’s biggest anime convention, Anime NYC. Also, other prizes include cash (a total of one million yen) and the chance to develop a new project with Toho, AlphaBoat, and Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

(For more information, such as application rules and conditions, please look at the GEMSTONE official website.)

Toho and AlphaBoat will continue to create audition projects and upload the submissions to GEMSTONE’s official YouTube Channel. The chosen winners will be supported by both companies through offers, such as opportunities to produce videos and to be signed with AlphaBoat for digital management.

Tokyo Otaku Mode, which is participating in this audition project for the first time, spreads Japanese pop culture content through outbound media such as social media, including their Facebook page with more than 20 million Likes (as of May 2019). Their role in this project will be to use their platform and promote the audition around the world, as well as to collaborate on content created using the winning character.

We plan on releasing information about the third and fourth audition projects soon.
Please keep an eye on the raw talent that GEMSTONE will discover!

GEMSTONE Creators’ Audition: Details

  • The theme of the second audition is “With Japan!”
    • We will accept applications from around the world for an original character that can be internationally loved using the theme of “Japan”.
  • Application Period: Monday, July 1st to 6:00 PM (JST) on Monday, September 2, 2019.
  • The entries that pass the first round will be announced on GEMSTONE’s official YouTube channel after September.
  • Cash Prize: One million yen
  • The winner will have the chance to produce projects with Toho Co., Ltd., AlphaBoat, and Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
  • The judges will be announced later.
  • Official Site:

How To Apply

Submissions will consist of a 3-minute-long explanation video.
That is the only way to participate in this audition.
Please create a 3-minute-long video that includes points about your character, such as their charms, their background, their worldview, etc.

*You are free to make any kind of video you would like, such as a picture story, animation, or presentation.
*It’s fine if your voice or face appears in the video. However, please be aware that videos that pass the first round will be uploaded to GEMSTONE’s official YouTube channel. 

About Toho Co., Ltd.
Among steady enterprises like film production/distribution/promotion and theater production/promotion, which are supported by real estate projects such as the Shinjuku Toho Building and Hibiya Chanter, they are also expanding their businesses in anime production, DVD software production and sales, and cinema complexes. Toho offers entertainment to a wide demographic of customers.

Corporate Site:

About AlphaBoat
AlphaBoat adds new value to Japan’s digital media market for the digital native generation by being a one-stop shop for everything from creative content production to brand promotion and marketing. They offer services such as the addition of studio functionality to content production; discovery, education, and support of creators in video production; social media and video channel management; and marketing research focused on young people.

For inquiries, please use the GEMSTONE Creators’ Audition inquiry form.