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Freemium Online Manga Now Available Through Tokyo Otaku Mode!  130+ titles: cutting-edge indie manga, buried classics, and more


Tokyo, Japan -July 19, 2018- Tokyo Otaku Mode has joined forces with online service MANGA.CLUB (operated by TORICO) to bring readers around the world an eclectic selection of officially licensed, multilingual manga.

MANGA.CLUB, which already has users in over 225 countries and territories, particularly focuses on stories that have never before been offered to an international audience. Available manga range from quirky one-shots to psychological horror to passionate BL and yuri. With 130+ titles and more coming soon, the rapidly expanding line-up gives readers access to hidden gems of the industry, including the latest in indie manga as well as true classics little-known outside Japan.

Tokyo Otaku Mode x MANGA.CLUB Tie-Up Details

1+ chapters of all MANGA.CLUB series are available to read anytime, totally free. The majority of remaining chapters can be unlocked with free reading tickets (1 ticket = 1 chapter), distributed daily. Select chapters of some series can only be unlocked with MANGA.CLUB paid credits called coins.  

Anyone with a Tokyo Otaku Mode account can log into MANGA.CLUB via TOM to claim 3 daily free reading tickets, and can use TOM Points and coupons when purchasing MANGA.CLUB coins.

Members of Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Premium service get 6 daily free reading tickets—double the number granted to regular members, and the equivalent of over 2,000 bonus free chapters per year. Premium members also earn additional cash back on MANGA.CLUB coins.

All TOM Premium members can immediately take advantage of these MANGA.CLUB benefits at no extra cost. And all newly joining Premium members who sign up for a free trial by July 31, 2018 (PDT) will get their first 90 days free. That’s nearly 3 full months to explore MANGA.CLUB—collecting a max of 540 bonus free reading tickets—and take advantage of other TOM Premium perks.


TOM Premium Free Trial:

About TOM Premium

In addition to getting twice as many MANGA.CLUB daily reading tickets, TOM Premium members can also access the following benefits

  • Extra savings on the TOM Shop and TOM Projects (Tokyo Otaku Mode ecommerce services)
  • Non-expiring TOM Points (store credit)
  • 110% cash back on each 90-day membership fee
  • Daily gameplay credits to use with online crane game Akiba Catcher
  • Plus much more in the works!

TOM Premium Membership Details:


MANGA.CLUB is a new and growing online service offering officially licensed, English-translated manga to fans outside Japan. First launched by TORICO in October 2017, less than a year ago, it already has users in over 225 countries and territories.

With its freemium business model, MANGA.CLUB aims to lower the barrier of entry to new readers, while still providing ways for international fans to show their support for manga creators and small publishers.

Numerous titles are fully multilingual, allowing Japanese learners to toggle back and forth between English and Japanese as they read. Support for additional languages may be added in the future.  


TORICO Corporate Site: